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Our Solutions

Every machine-learning project is unique. In order to best meet customers’ needs, we work in close cooperation with the client preparing their data and its annotation to the highest standards.

By offering Swiss quality solutions, we offer a new quality standard for machine-learning applications in Europe. We work to significantly improve the existing lack of transparency in data annotation and structuring by providing clarity and control over the entire process.

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Our services are divided into three pillars:

Annotation of Traffic

Data Annotation – we offer annotation services for a wide range of data including, but not limited to, images, video, and audio as well as natural language.

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Data Augmentation – we offer state-of-the-art solutions for images, video, and natural language data formats. Examples include data augmentation via position and colour, synonym replacement, random insertion, and synthetic data generation.

Data Structuring Automation a la Minority Report

Data Structuring Automation – currently, about 80% of corporate data is unstructured and most of it is not yet usable. We offer highly scalable solutions to continuously transform your raw data into structured data sets to further improve and automate the results and business insights for your ML projects.

You focus on the methodologies and tools; we ensure that your data is properly annotated, augmented, structured, and ready for deployment.

We are the go-to solution for high-end data structuring and your partner for quality.

Our Pricing

Our pricing is project dependent and customer specific. We also distinguish between one-time, low-volume projects, as well as strategic, high-volume AI initiatives. We know the importance of personal communication to meet your final needs, so contact us via e-mail to discuss your endeavors.

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Who We Are

At DAITA Technologies we are pioneering Swiss quality data annotation and automation solutions, focusing mainly on the European AI market. We are a group of seasoned machine-learning specialists, spread across the globe. Headquartered in Switzerland, we understand how important high-quality data structuring is to turn AI-applications into reality.

Pascal, CEO

Pascal Marco Caversaccio

Founder & CEO
Marco Fernandez, Head of AI

Marco Fernandez

Co-Initiator | Product

Dr. Sebastian Hersberger

Co-Initiator | Operations
Faraz, Scientific Advisor

Dr. Faraz Oloumi

Scientific Advisor

To ensure that we can meet your needs and offer you the highest possible quality, we work with trusted and accredited partners from our network around the globe.

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